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Most people assume that every MLM/Network Marketing company are pyramid schemes..

If that’s the case, do they also know what a non pyramid scheme is?

Forbes_take_on_MLM-Network_Marketing_Anchorage_AlaskaYou see most people just assume things without even knowing. That happens in every industry and in pretty much anything in life. We assume things that we don’t understand and base our thoughts and beliefs out of what other people say. The question is?.. Are these people trustfully saying the right things? Do these people also understand what they are saying or are they too giving an assumption opinion?

If they “know” what a pyramid scheme looks like.. Do they know what a legal, legitimate MLM/Network Marketing company is and/or looks like?

Check out this article from Forbes talking about Network Marketing/Multi Level Marketing(MLM).

Click Here To Read FORBES full article. 

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