"What If Everything Is Just A Dream?"

“What If Everything Is Just A Dream?” This is what my 7 year old daughter said this morning as they were getting ready to go to school.

What If Everything Is Just A Dream - what if everything is just an illusionWhen you are a kid you tend to have different thoughts and ideas that come out of no where, and all you want to do is to share it with people that you trust and/or like. I remember having these types of ideas and thoughts but every time I shared them out with the people around me. I’ve always felt like they didn’t care and that they were just looking at me weird. As a matter of fact I was being put down by the people that I “trusted” for saying what I felt and for sharing my ideas and opinions.

After having too many people not paying attention to me, my thoughts and my ideas I decided to just keep them to myself. There was no point on sharing something that no one was going to listen to and if they did listen to them they were just going to make fun of me.

Now that I’m older and I’ve learned self development, read books about mindset and listen to audios that help me understand that it’s okay to have my own ideas and thoughts, I encourage my kids to do the same.

Watch the video below to understand exactly what I mean by this.

That’s it. Knowing that everyone is different and that it’s okay to share your ideas, thoughts and overall yourself with the world is a great feeling that everyone should have.

Please share if you dig my daughter’s thoughts. 🙂


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