What I learned From Watching The Martian Movie

Yesterday we got to have a date morning with my wife. We decided to watch the movie called “The Martian” which is based on the book called “The Martian” by Andy Weir.

To be honest with you we as a family are kind of movie junkies. We like to check out and watch the best movies coming out in the movie theaters. If You Solve EnoughProblemsAs a family we usually watch “PG rated” movies like “The Peanuts” “Minions” “Hotel Transylvania” etc, you get the idea. As an adult married couple we like to watch more adult movies, you know the “Rated R” movies. Now movies like “The Martian” which are “PG13”  we know that our girls wouldn’t sit and watch these type of long movies and they just wouldn’t get it just yet (that’s why they are “PG13”).

Anyway, we watched “The Martian” movie yesterday and I have to tell that it’s a great movie! I highly encourage you to check it out. There is a message inside this movie that we can utilize in our own lives and business as well. That’s the reason why I decided to shot a video and talk about what I personally learned from this movie. So without any further due I present to you my personal “The Martian Movie Review“. 😀

That’s the message that I got from this movie called “The Martian”. I honestly thing that this movie is one of my favorite movies about space and time of all time. Now here is a question for you.. Have you seen this movie? What were your thoughts about it? Please share with us your thoughts about it in the comments below. Lets us know from your point of view what you liked (or disliked) about “The Martian” movie.

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