Using Social Media To Build A Local Network Marketing Team

There is lots of training out there that focus on online and international marketing. I have not yet seen one teaches you how to build a Local Network Marketing Team using Social Media until now! 

My good friend and mentor Ray Higdon’s wife named Jessica Higdon is pretty well known for her 10K Social Media course that was released last year. This course made a lot of people a lot of money! 

This year she decided to come out with something even more incredible! How to build a local Network Marketing team using Social Media. Imagine you building a HUGE team of hungry entrepreneurs to build ANY type of business and all while recruiting them via Facebook. How awesome is that?! 

This system is going to help you attract, connect and recruit local people into your organization. Sounds pretty exciting already doesn’t?.. 

I could tell you A LOT about how this can help you in your business but to be honest I rather have Jessica Higdon do it so you can understand where is coming from and why she decided to come up with this type of training. With that being said, check out some of the FREE videos that Jessica has released to help you understand how you can build a local network marketing team using social media. 



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