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Is there such thing as Using Instagram For Business? Lets talk a little bit about it.

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Instagram was bought by Facebook on April 12 2012 for approximately 1 Billion dollars. I always wondered why would Facebook paid so much money for a pictures app, but who was I to know right?

Using Instagram For Business - Free Instagram Marketing TrainingRight now Instagram has exploded with active users. Take a look at some statistics in the Info-graphic picture. (click on it to enlarge it)  The amount of growth in Instagram is absolutely nuts.

Is Instagram For Business A Good Idea?

Now more than EVER is the right time to start using Instagram to grow your business! I’m going to be pretty honest with you. When I first open my Instagram account about 2 years ago, I didn’t really paid much attention to the app. I thought it was a little weird but since everyone seem to have one I opened one as well. (pure pressure)

I’ve had an Instagram for over 2 years and I had about 350 followers. Then I discover that I could use Instagram for business and so I started learning about it from one of our top marketers in one of our systems. Her name is April Marie Tucker. She is consider the “Instagram Queen” inside our community.

Instagram For Business Training

April came out with a pretty awesome training teaching the basics on how to use Instagram to promote my products, services and opportunities. I watched this Instagram training and after implementing what she taught me there I went from having 350 followers to know have over 620 followers on my Instagram account.

I want you to see what I just wrote there. I had generated 350 followers in 2 years without any training or knowing that I could promote my business to well over 620 in just 1 month and half. That is almost twice as much followers in 1 month and half than the 350 that I generated in 2 years! The best part is that now that I know some tricks about Instagram the followers and the interaction keeps coming to my page which is awesome. And to be honest with you the most time I spend in Instagram posting pictures and what not is about 10 minutes a day or less.

Today I want to show you the same exact training that I use to promote my business on Instagram.

When you click here you can get access to the FREE Instagram Marketing training. Now, if you really want to dig in and make Instagram your main Marketing technique then I highly recommend you to check out April Marie Tucker’s brand new course called Insta Lead Magic, where she gives you ALL of her “secrets” to go from 650+ followers to over 16,000 followers in just 5 months! You can get access to her course’s information when you click here. Also check out the video below as I explain a little more about this free training and course.

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