Self Development – What is Personal Development?

In today’s post I decided to talk about self development. Exactly what is personal development?

I think that there are different ways on how you can describe, learn, and teach self development. You can do it by reading books, jumping into webinars with other successful people, attend live events in whatever industry you are in. Self Development - What is Personal DevelopmentThe bottom line is that self development is something that I personally believe is one of the most important things that you can learn to become successful in anything you want.

Yeah, even before you learn marketing skills on how to to do Twitter, Facebook, YouTube marketing etc, you must first learn and do self development. IF you don’t have the right mentality before you jump into the technical and “hard” stuff before you have done some self development then you will be getting frustrated really quick with everything, and that might event make you want to quit doing it at all. You don’t want that to happen to you.

That’s exactly why I decided to talk about Self Development in today’s video. Watch it below now.



Did you like the video? What are your thoughts on Self Development?
What are some things that you’ve learn about self control, confidence, and happiness? Do share your thoughts as a comment below.
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