Robert Herjavec Business Advice – Shark Tank Rocks!

Lets be honest here, everyone loves the TV show Shark Tank.

Wait, you don’t know what Shark Tank is?.. have you been living under a rock?! haha, jk.

Robert HerjavecCheck out what Shark Tank is all about HERE and why most Entrepreneurs absolutely love this show.

So, As I was watching the latest episode of the Tv show Shark Tank I heard Robert Herjavec business advice that went something like this. “Don’t just build a business right away. First find a problem. Solve a problem and then the business will come.”

It makes so much sense. If you are not helping, educating or solving people’s problems, you don’t have a business. You have a hobby.

Now with that being said, ask yourself these questions and figure out if you really have a business or you just have a hobby.


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