Prospecting vs Attraction Marketing

Believe it or not, there is a big difference between Prospecting vs Attraction Marketing. They are both great ways to get your message, your products, services and opportunities across different people and the world. Many people choose one of these two strategies to grow their businesses, but I say, why not know both?

Prospecting vs Attraction Marketing

Lets talk about the differences between Prospecting vs Attraction Marketing now. Lets see what “Google” has to say about this topic. First lets start with Prospecting:

Prospecting Vs Attraction MarketingThe word “Prospect” simply means: “To look out for. Or, To Search For”.

Simply put, Prospecting is the act of you going out seeking people to talk to about your products, services and opportunities. Prospecting can be accomplish every single day while you are out and about doing your regular daily basis things.

Now, lets see what “Google” has to say about Attraction Marketing:

Attraction marketing is a set of strategies used by entrepreneurs providing self-employment business opportunities, such as web- or home-based sales, to other entrepreneurs.”

In other words, Attraction Marketing is the act of putting bait out into the market place online and attract people to you, instead of you going after them. This “bait” can be anything of value (Like this post) that gives some type of valuable information to help the reader find the answers they are seeking for.

I made a video talking about this Prospecting Vs Attraction Marketing topic which I’ve attached below. Watch the video till the end to understand what exactly what I mean.

Alright, that’s it! The differences between Prospecting Vs Attraction Marketing are that one of these strategies (Prospecting) forces you to go out and meet people on a daily or weekly basis to share your products, services or opportunities, while the other one (Attraction Marketing) forces you to create value to your market place to attract people to your products, services, or opportunities.

Overall, both Prospecting and Attraction Marketing are great ways to grow your business, both online and offline. If you are starting as an Entrepreneur, I would recommend you choose one of the two strategies, get good at it, and then learn the other one while still working with the first strategy that you learned.

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