My Plane Ride With Rob Fore – 7 Figure Earner Advice.

After leaving an AMAZING event called Live The Dream V that happened on September 27-28 in Austin Texas I was heading over to the airport to go back home. A Plane Ride With Rob ForeOnce I got to the airport, to my surprise I saw the one and only Rob Fore sitting on a bench right next to my plane entrance. (He was at this event as well.) So, of course I went over and said hi and took a picture with him.

We a had a few words about how awesome the event was and then I just proceed to walk my way to my plane. (It was time to board)

As I start walking to my plane I noticed that Rob Fore also got up and started walking to the same plane entrance. So I asked, “Are you in the same flight to PHX?” he says, I guess so. My response was, “That’s pretty cool!” so we started talking about random stuff as we walked inside the plane. Then, once inside the plane we started walking to the back of the plane and Rob asks “What’s your sit number?”, I answer him and then he says, I’m right next to you. I was like “WOW now that is something.”

Our plane ride from Austin to Phoenix was about 2 hours and we talked about business, family, his story and pretty much had a normal conversation. He gave some advice on how to take my business to the next level, gave me some book suggestions to read that has impacted him personally in his career etc. Overall was an amazing plane ride and for that I’m really thankful and humble.A plane ride with Rob Fore


You don’t get to sit right next to a 7-figure earner like Rob Fore and pick his brain for 2 hours straight for FREE very often so believe me I took advantage of that time and him and I had a great time and conversation during the whole entire flight.

Check out the video below and hear some of the stuff that we talked about during this plane ride. 🙂





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