Outwitting The Devil Book Review

First of all, I like reading a lot and also listening to people who aren’t afraid to say exactly what’s in their mind. I always find it fascinating that there are people out there that actually take the time to write their thoughts and share their mind to the world. 🙂

The other day I noticed that one random guy popped up in my Facebook news feed and he posted a picture of this book ‘Outwitting The Devil’ saying.. “This book tho..”. At first I was like “Okay..” what about that book? (Doesn’t annoy you when people don’t share their own thoughts about a specific thing that they are learning or have learned?) So I just scrolled it out out my feed. The next time I jumped into Facebook I see the same exact post but this time was because someone had liked it so it automatically goes on top of my feed. This time I decided to actually pay attention to the picture. I noticed that the book was written by Napoleon Hill which is also the author of one of my favorite books “Think and Grow Rich.”. Then I noticed the little imprint that said “Hidden Since 1938… Revealed now for the modern reader.” That right there automatically caught my attention. The next day which happens to be two days ago (as of me writing this post) I decided to go to the local Barnes & Noble and see what it was all about.

Outwitting The Devils BookMy first thought was, “Let me see if this book is actually worth getting.”, so I decided to read the first page of the book. The very first page of the book blew my mind so much that I said “YUP! This book is definitely worth getting.” so I went ahead and paid the $15 bucks and went to the coffee shop, got me a coffee and started reading the book. As of today I’m about 3/4 of the book. I’ve read the sh*t out of this book because it hooked me into from the beginning. To be honest with you, that doesn’t happen very often. Sometimes I start reading a book and although the beginning of it might be awesome as I start reading I loose interest about it. This book “Outwitting The Devil” however has got my whole attention that I’m almost done reading it in 3 days!

This “Outwitting The Devil” book by Napoleon Hill is fantastic and I highly recommend you to get it and read it. There is only one issue that I found with this book though. (Yeah I know..) The annoying part of this book is that the editor ‘Sharon Lechter’ puts her thoughts about specific parts of the book. I completely ignore those thoughts and opinions of her and just skip them and continue to read the amazing words from Napoleon Hill. I hope that in the near future the Napoleon Hill foundation decides to re-print this book without editing a single piece of content. I would really like to understand and read the EXACT words that are in the Napoleon Hill’s manuscripts. 🙂

Other than that, this book is fantastic. Highly encourage you to get it and read through it. It will challenge you to think about your current lifestyle and what you are doing to change it. I’m going to leave the link to the “Outwitting The Devil” book so you can get it for yourself below. Enjoy!










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