Offline Networking – Be In The Look Out For Sharp People

Offline Networking – Be In The Look Out For Sharp People. You might meet a possible customer, partner, team member or simply become good friends by doing your normal routine in life.

Offline Networking

Today while I was sitting at the library enjoying some coffee and working on my business online, I meet this very sharp guy . I over heard him talking on the phone with someone talking about social media marketing. After I noticed that he had got off the phone I asked him what type of marketing he did. He then proceed to tell me that he was in Network Marketing with xyz company.

I went ahead and told him that I was in the same industry but I was promoting a different business model. We talk for about 5 minutes of less. I gave him my business card. He then sent a text message saying “nice to meet you”.

So offline networking is actually very powerful. Being in the look out for sharp people is something that I totally recommend you to do if you are in this industry.

I hope you enjoy the video I shot for you today and if you want to attend the weekly Wednesday webinar tonight, you can register by clicking here.

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