Marketing Tips To Help You In Your Home Business

Marketing Tips To Help You In Your Home BusinessI just got out from a live webinar that was hosted by Ray Higdon.

In this webinar he talked about some of the marketing tips you could say that he uses in his own business and has helped him become successful. So here they are

Marketing tips #1 – Get leads! No there are several ways how you can generate leads for your business. You can use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, a blog or website etc. If you have no idea on how to generate leads or how to do it I’m going to leave a sign up page below where you can go ahead enter your name and email to understand how to make leads and start generating leads right away.

Marketing tips #2 – This is something that everyone should know and that Ray talks about a lot. The ILT method. ILT stand for Invest. Learn. Teach.

Invest money and time into your business.

Learn how the proper training to help you succeed in business. Read books, attend webinars, attend live events, follow the person that already “have what you want” and do what they do.

Teach everything you invest and learn. Put everything into your own words and share it out to the world! This is the main and must important thing to do. You must bring Value Value and more Value to your market place and get eyes into your content. Again I’ll leave a page below so you can learn how to do it.

Marketing tips #3 – Remember to help and prospect the leads that you have generated. Be active with the people that are interested in you. Answer questions, share some jokes and just BE YOURSELF.  You will stand out from the crowd very easily.

My Lead System Pro Academy Level


A picture of us and Ray Higdon back in San Diego. Good times!


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