Lottery Mentality – Wishful Thinking

So what’s going on with all these lottery mentality people?

I mean common, all they think about is how rich and famous they are going to be by just spending a couple of bucks buying lotto tickets. That’s the definition of wishful thinking. Is it bad to wish stuff sometimes? No, I don’t think so. Sometimes wishes do come true.. if you are 5 years old and believe in Santa that is.

Lottery Mentality - Wishful thinking

Lottery Mentality – Wishful thinking

Lottery Mentality * Small Thinking

Well truth be told, all this wishing and lottery mentality affects society in different ways. Both for good and bad.

I posted a pictured on my Instagram account the other day that goes like this “Small Think Has and Always Will Be PUNISHED One Way Or Another.” – Grant Cardone

The lottery mentality is just another way to keep you thinking like crap and at the same time it gives you the ability to expand your imagination to think bigger and better. Of course those type of thinking varies from person to person. Everyone is different and we all think and act differently.

In today’s video I talk about the lottery mentality and what wishful thinking is and how it works for society. Check out the video till the end and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What are your thoughts about these type of lottery mentality people?
Let us know your thoughts about this topic in the comments below.

The name of the books that I talked about in the video is called  “The Richest Man Who Ever Lived”  by Steven K. Scott

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