Is Network Marketing A Scam? – Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank Star) Shares His Thoughts About Network Marketing

So you heard that Network Marketing is a Scam?… Really where did you hear this from?..

better yet.. Who do you take advice from?.. Do you listen to your broke neighbors?

Or maybe your uncle Sam who happens to be 67 years old yet he still works at a fast food place and owns nothing?..


Old Man Cashier At Fast Food

The reality is that you will hear that Network Marketing is a Scam from two different kindsĀ of people:

1: The kind of people that “know it all” yet never been involved in the Network Marketing industry.

This type of people tend to do their “research” and hear the opinions of other “know it all” people and usually

they are working for someone else, slaving their life away.

2: The kind of people who join a Network Marketing industry and thought that they have just purchased a

lottery ticket that will get them RICH overnight.

These type of people have joined a Network Marketing company, didn’t do a thing with it and expected the

system to work for itself. They totally forgot that Network Marketing IS A REAL BUSINESS that needs

attention and time just like any other business out there.

How about taking advice from a Billionaire and well known entrepreneur like Kevin Harrington.

Watch the video and see what he thinks about Network Marketing.

Kevin Harrington Yonatan Aguilar




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