Happy New Year! 2015 Is Here!

My family and I want to wish you a very Happy 2015 New Year!

(This is what Anchorage Alaska Looked like in New Years eve)

Happy New Year 2015 Anchorage AlaskaWe hope that you had a blast celebrating with your family and friends like we did.

Now since the new year is here we all should have goals and things that we want to accomplish in this new 2015 year. When we set goals that actually make since with our life and lifestyle we have a better and bigger chance to accomplish them.

2015 can be your year but you have to want to accomplish and reach your goals just like a kid wants candy. If you don’t want it bad enough you can accomplish anything.

We been getting ready for this new 2015 year by getting rid of stuff and just pure crap that is around the house that we never or haven’t gotten the chance to trow away. That’s a great way to start your new year. Getting rid of the old stuff not just in your house but in your life overall to make room for the new stuff.

I hope you have an amazing 2015 and that all of your dreams become a reality in this new year.

Happy new year from the Aguilar family!

Happy New Year from the Aguilar Family

(Our first family selfie of the new 2015 year)

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