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Got some exciting news on Facebook Marketing adds today.

This coming Friday November 27 2015 at 3:00PM EST (the day after Thanksgiving) we have a great marketer coming over and teach you all about Facebook Marketing adds. This Facebook Marketing adds training is going to hosted by the guys in Elite Marketing Pro but is going to be presented by the “Facebook queen” herself, Michelle Pescosolido.

A Special thanks to Michelle & Bill Pescosolido Facebook MarketingGet all the details about this Facebook Marketing  webinar and register for it here.

The name of this Facebook Marketer is Michelle Pescosolido. Michelle is one of the very first marketers that I met online that really taught me how to market my products, promote myself, and generate leads online.

Michelle is now consider the “Facebook Queen” inside multiple marketing platforms that we are both part of. I had the chance to meet Michelle Pescosolido and here husband Bill Pescosolido for the first time in San Diego, California for a marketing event that we both attended called “Live The Dream” hosted by My Lead System Pro.

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Anyways, this coming Friday she was invited by the guys inside Elite Marketing Pro (EMP for short) to come over and share with all of us her Facebook Marketing strategies that are working for her and her business right now.

The other reason why this makes it an even better deal is because if you register for this webinar, the funds will be donated to a great cause. The cause is to help end world hunger. (More info about this here)

I’m also going to leave a few of the things that you are going to be able to learn about this webinar below this video so make sure that you check out the info.

Watch the video below now to learn more about EMP, Michelle Pescosolido and what they are covering in Friday’s webinar.


Come over and join us this Friday November 27 2015 at 3:00PM EST to learn everything that you need to know about the new way to market on Facebook, and you will also be helping us help people around the world.

Check out some of the things that will be covered and what you’ll learn in Friday’s webinar.

Michelle_Pescosolido_ facebook marketing Training

Get all the details about this webinar and register for it here.


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