Do Thoughts Create Your Reality

While I was here at home today sitting in front of my computer working on a new website that will contain a lot of my mindset, self-development, and philosophy training (like this post), a video of a guy that I’ve known for a while online came into my news feed. As a matter of fact I met this guy last year in one of the Internet Marketers events that we both attended. He is actually a pretty cool dude. Anyway, he posted a video that literally inspired this post and also for me to make this video.

Do Thoughts Create Your RealityNow the video didn’t really have to do anything with mindset but he did shared a little bit about his life story and the things that he was going through. Now with that being said, I have a belief that in order for us as human beings we need to learn from different people to get the most out of our brains and to be able to become a better version of ourselves every single day. I do believe that we don’t necessarily have to agree, familiarize or relate to only one specific person in order to reach success but that we can learn from everyone and everything around us. After all we are unique in every possible way but we can connect with some emotions, thoughts and ideas from others.

There is a quote out there by the one and only Napoleon Hill that says “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” and I find that very truthful. I do believe that whatever you set your mind into, it will become your reality. That doesn’t mean that the world is a mess, if you are having negative thoughts that is, it just means that since that’s that some people believe then the world around them becomes a mess. Now, you and I both know that the world can be an amazing world, full of possibilities and also full of caring people. Again, this is the perception of the world that we have in our minds. In reality, the world is just the world, but we fill the world with our thoughts. Weather good thoughts or bad thoughts.

In the video below I share with you a little bit more about what I believe about our thoughts, how they affect our reality, and how you can create a better environment for yourself to create good and better thoughts.

What are your thoughts about this topic? Do you believe that our thoughts affect our realities? Share your thoughts by commenting below. Also feel free to share this post around if you’ll like.


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