Assets & Resources In A Home Business

If you follow me on my YouTube Channel you may have noticed that yesterday instead of posting this video series #4 I uploaded a blooper. This blooper was actually when I was shooting this video and I almost broke my TV! If you haven’t seen the 0:28 seconds video head over here. It’s quite funny. 😀

1376997_10200492611352016_808388467_nAlright with that being said lets jump into this video series #4. In this video I’m going deep into what type of assets and resources you have in your home business. I want you to see your home business in a third person’s view. Meaning if you were to draw your home business I want you to see what is it that you have available to you to use. For example, do you have a lead generation system in place?.. How are you prospecting?.. What’s your Daily Method of Operation? (DMO) etc.

Watch the video and after you are done watching it make sure you leave me a comment below and let me know what are some of your assets and resources and if this video helped you see something different. Enjoy the rest of this Sunday!

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