Are You Confident Or Just Being Arrogant?

Have you ever been told that you seem a little arrogant?

Have you ever been told that you are confident?

Are You Confident Or Just Being Arrogant?You see most people don’t know how to differentiate the arrogant with the confident. For example, a lot of people out there believe that ALL wealthy people are arrogant. When in fact MOST wealthy people are just confident. Don’t get me wrong, there is arrogant wealthy people out there too.

Confidence is knowing that you have your sh*t figure out and don’t need the pity of people in any way. In other words confidence is a feeling of self assurance coming from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

There is a quote out there that is pretty powerful and it goes like this: “Arrogance is thinking you are above someone else. Confidence is knowing no is above you.” – Habeeb Akande. Did you noticed the difference?

In the video below I share with you a personal story that will make you see a little different when it comes to Arrogance and Confidence.

Are you confident or just being arrogant?

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