A Show Called The Voice & Team Adam

Before you say what the HELL those the Voice has to do with business let me tell you a short story.


I, just like you also have a normal life. You see my wife and I enjoy watching movies and some shows just to kill sometime together. That doesn’t mean that we are not serious about building a legacy and a successful business it just means that we take time out out of our business life to chill in the coach and do what we like doing.

You get right?.. Alright.. so with that being said here is what this email is about.


Today, randomly, we noticed that a show called “The Voice” was playing on TV.

There was one thing that really caught my attention while the show was going.

The people that go out there and audition have to go trough a pre-audition first in order to be able to even make it to the audition live in the show. These people already have SUCCEEDED by just making it to perform live in front of 4 very successful singer entrepreneurs and music producers.

A Show Called The Voice & Team Adam..While the show was going I heard one thing that came out from Adam Levine told one of the audition-ers. This is what he said..

“I didn’t succeed in my career by fitting into a certain type of music right away. I succeed by a long time not fitting in a certain thing and then I found what I was suppose to do.”

Do you get it? Most if not ALL of the most successful people in the world who have created a HUGE audience and built very successful businesses and careers first started from the bottom. Just like you and me.

Everyone starts somewhere. The only difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is actually pretty simple. Want to guess what it is?…


Successful people have made a DECISION to become someone greater than they could possibly imagine. They decided that enough was enough and so they worked day in and day out CONSISTENTLY to make their businesses and their careers worth something.

The best thing about becoming successful is that not only you become a better person but you IMPACT and INSPIRE thousands or even millions of people around the world to BECOME what they really want to become in their lives.

Well this was suppose to be a couple of sentences long but I totally just vomited my mind in here.

Again, if you are just starting in your home business or are thinking about opening one I highly encourage you to GO TO THE TOP! Just follow your gut and follow the system that can help you build a legacy and become a successful entrepreneur in our industry.

To your success,

Yonatan Aguilar

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